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Madness of Odysseus. They Have eyes but see not….

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    Kayla Hamilton practices what she preaches. A fulcrum between disabled and non-disabled dance, a fiercely thoughtful artist, and a generous soul: these are those qualities that endear Kayla to the world. By enlarging and enlivening our awareness of sightedness, she offers us vastly fresh pathways to liberation in our own bodies. In her work is an undercurrent of freedom and that freedom is palpable and intoxicating as she dances. Ultimately, Kayla establishes a world where our body is celebratory. With resonate humor and precise pauses, her work cuts to our core. This movement exploration is a multi-sensory experience for the audience that delves deep into questions of what it means to see and be seen—as well as from whose lens we are doing the viewing.

    How does hearing and the idea of listening contrast with what is actually being heard; how is taste felt, while exploring the legacies we leave behind. Even when performing solo Alice Sheppard arrives as an ensemble and the ensemble comes for her too. Sheppard is here to stage scenes in excess of joy or equilibrium so that we may follow her into a crip love so deep it doubles down on the very notion of dance. Her choreography will overtake you there on your way to Where Good Souls Fear by rotating your revolutions and then some.

    Where Good Souls Fear is an investigation of excess and minimalism, provoking questions about who or what is too much. Ranging through lyrical floorwork to an explosion of furious movement, Good Souls challenges what we think we know of propriety for black women. Jerron Herman is taking us to the accessible club of our underground dreams with his choreography that ushers in that teenage feeling and gives columns something to lean on in this performance called life. A dance party love letter to our community. Choreographing the audience into his dance floor, Jerron will reference the sociality of a club environment and explore with and without the people around him.

    This feeling of words—a kind of skin talk, hand laugh and tactile feedback loop—reminds us that language is a contact no individual can stand. The film prioritizes access as a precondition of the film itself; audio description and open captioning are inseparable aspects of the film. There is a stroboscopic effect that lasts for around 1 minute about 8 minutes into the video. It shows us, even in struggle, there is light to be let in. This Jersey cyborg makes Siri seem so early aughts while reminding us all that intelligence is artificial.

    You ought not sleep on this poetry. Eli Clare makes new worlds. Raw truths, powerful honesty and painful, transcendent beauty. To self-examination, to societal critique. With delicacy and nuance. With rapier edge and with a warm embrace, Eli invites us to imagine the best possible world and to feel hope for our places within it. He built a pastoral paradise complete with a Japanese garden and a pond full of floating lilies. In , Monet started renovating his garden, inspired by tranquil scenes from the Japanese prints he collected. He diverted a river to form a pond, planted willows and bamboo on the shores, filled the pond with water lilies, then crossed it with a wooden footbridge.

    As years passed, the bridge became overgrown with wisteria. He painted it at different times of day and year, exploring different color schemes. But his artistic vision expanded as he painted smaller details on bigger canvases and helped invent modern abstract art. In the last half of his life beginning in , Monet — the greatest visionary, literally, of his generation — began to go blind with cataracts.