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And was Santana wrong? Then, Santana goes on to the subject of Prom Queen. At first glance, it seems like a vindictive move. Did Santana go about this the right way? Of course not. I blame her rough handling of the situation on the fact that she was raised on insults. First Pezberry meta post can be found here.

Kurtana meta post can be found here. Santana Lopez Being a Good Person. This entire episode was cracky gold, and I loved it. Just a few thoughts…. Blaine has unfinished emotional business, and he clearly knows it. This makes him one step ahead of most of us. I love how, in addition to all of the excellent individual character development provided, this means that we are in the process of getting a grownup relationship story.

Which is funny when you consider how childish they went out of their way to make Blaine in this episode. Do Jake and Marley both have canonically shitty fathers? This is also about the task of becoming a whole person, and not a broadly drawn projection or stereotype. This transformation is a Glee specialty. Gender presentation is a performance, whereas gender itself is an identity. Unique and Sue are both women, no matter how they dress or what makeup they wear….

And then the girls who she considers her friends all turn on her, and make her life so miserable that she ends up leaving her school. What the fuck? No doubt about it.

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They act like assholes. Kurt is pissed, yes. Blaine just seems to find him mildly insane. I know some people think and some people think the writers think that forcing klaine to kiss in the elevator demonstrates just how meaningless a kiss for the sake of other people wanting a kiss is and, more than that, that our enjoyment of a forced kiss further demonstrates how looney and creepy we are.

The weird, creepiness of this all lies in in Sue and in the demand for the kiss. God, imaging if that kiss had looked as awful as a forced, unwanted kiss would look. Image if they really seemed distressed about it. Anyway, back to lingering on the fringes. This was meant to be another drooling assessment of how much chemistry that faux-elevator held and I got distracted.

It actually takes place in a horrifying mirror world, where the only crime is murder. Citizens are required to deal with everything else themselves. Blaine I think whether clinically depressed or not is a boy who has incredibly low self-esteem. So many of his choices, how he relates to others, how he presents himself attest to this. He makes choices that put him in a position where he thinks he might feel loved, helping his team, trying to encourage, trying to lead when others are looking to him, being a good friend, a really good friend, going out of his way for Sam, but for Tina too and Brittany earlier in the season.

We know Blaine was beaten up and afterwards felt like a coward, he told us that, we know that he has been trying to grow, face his demons, but we also know that his motives were more about Kurt than they perhaps should have been.

GLEE~ Worst Song Of Every Episode (season 3)

The lyrics here in light of what we have seen from Blaine. And as I talked about in another post the other day I feel that the Fall of the Warblers and an undermining of what they had seemed to stand for will have confused and undermined the self-esteem that Blaine had built whilst at Dalton. Kurt is on a pedestal for Blaine just as much as he is for Kurt, something that has needed to change I think for their relationship to really be built to last.

I was raised on insults. Did you know she tried to sell me once? Whether Santana actually forgot her name or not is up to speculation. To me, this says that Santana has the ability to separate how she interacts with someone from how she feels about them. She has a grandmother who used to insult the crap out of her but she still loves her deeply. I really believe that Santana was trying to show Rachel that she was her friend. She grew up where people exchanged insults frequently. For example, do you remember how self conscious Sam was about his lips in season 2?

He had this horrified look when Santana announced the title of her original song:. Back then, Sam was not too happy about the song and even I can admit that that was cruel. Santana was being purposefully hurtful in the wake of Brittany choosing to stay with Artie than to be with Santana.

On the surface, it sounds like another Santana tirade, but underneath her jabs at Sam, she was trying to say that she missed him. Sam seemed to catch on to her intentions given his reaction to her greeting:. I feel like her digs back then are different from the digs now. Similar to the Sam situation, Santana used to maliciously tease Kurt.

Granted, she made fun of Kurt to distract people from finding out that she was a lesbian. Nevertheless, it was still wrong of her to do so. Santana is out of the closet and both she and Kurt have established that they are friends. Even though Sue sided with Kurt in the matter and genuinely wanted to help him, her patronizing use of the word clearly exacerbated the issue of Kurt feeling unsafe and alone at McKinley High. Not to mention that Sue was an authority figure. It was not only inappropriate but also disconcerting. If Kurt and all same sex loving men are less of a man for being attracted to guys, that would mean that she is less of a woman for being attracted to girls.

Never mind that Kurt was paying homage to the Royal Wedding. Most of his classmates only saw a dude wearing a skirt to prom.

I never claimed to be an expert in meta but

Schue tells the Glee club to separate into guys and girls and Kurt tries to go with the girls:. The angry, closeted Santana is different from the Santana we see now. The restaurant where I work is in such an area. Dalton burns down. Dalton is where Kurt and Blaine met. And we watched these moments happen. We watched them fall in love at Dalton. We have all of these images, pictures, fanart pieces, and gifs of Kurt and Blaine running hand in hand down those beautiful halls, of kissing next to that tiny bedazzled coffin.

We want to hold onto these moments. Moments that happened to take place in Dalton. And I think that is what we are meant to takeaway from this storyline next week. The true setting is love. It usually seems like none of them knew each other before joining. I adore Rachel Berry. This is written for Ashley mainly because, as much as I love Rachel and what she represents to the narrative, I struggled with her storylines in Season 4.

Hummelberry, just as an fyi, is a level of dysfunction and complexity that will get its own post at some point.

Glee - Season 3 Reviews - Metacritic

It was a story of false and forced changed versus natural development. High school sophomore Kurt is breaking my heart. It means so much to get all this extra insight into these characters, to go back and inform what they were thinking and feeling when we first saw them. That Kurt is so depressed is frightening and really sad. If the spoilers are correct, and Blaine ends up not proposing, which is what I thought may happen all along since the original spoilers said he wanted to … I think that would actually be positive character growth for Blaine.

If Blaine actually goes to people for advice and talks about his feelings … that would be good writing. This I can get behind. Log in Sign up. No, but. Kurt in that pink plaid shirt, being the loving, supportive partner for Blaine. Kurt Hummel Burt Hummel glee 5x18 glee meta Kurt meta isn't usually my area but I just had a lot of emotions. Conversations about Queerbaiting. I am What I am, So What? A post about Blaine's inner Diva. I admit I rolled my eyes when I first read the spoiler about Kurt thanking Will for saving his life. But when I actually saw the episode, I remembered two things: Burt saying the same thing two years ago, and this gif from a S1 promo.

Kurt was a lonely, lonely kid back when the New Directions first started. Will may not have personally stopped the bullying at times, but he at least created a space for Kurt to express himself and make friends maybe for the first time ever. Edited tags to add a warning for talk of suicide. I apologize; it slipped my mind before. Things I text to Januarium in the middle of the night. Still makes sense in the morning, though.

Blaine Anderson glee Januarium glee meta glee 6x01 to be safe. Late night thoughts on Glee: 6x Glee meta glee 6x03 memory and storytelling santana lopez Kurt Hummel. So Not The Drama. In which, once again, I look like a crazy fandom person. You know, there is something profound and disturbing about Sue as an embodiment of fandom. She is both love letter and admonishment. Sue Sylvester fandom Glee meta.

Ghosts of fandom characterization in All the Other Ghosts. OMG, I'm writing meta! I never claimed to be an expert in meta but I just noticed the amount of like capelets and half sweaters and the like that Kurt wears in season three. Blaine Anderson blaine meta glee meta roxy music. Lol Blangst:. On being angry at Kurt and uncomfortable with the New York scenes. Two parallels. Glee meta not very good meta just some stuff I noticed.

Glee Meta realization:. Least surprising turn of events ever. Kurt and Neatness. Some meta-y thinky thoughts before bed: I feel like Kurt circa S was very much the Kurt fandom likes to think he is: neat, OCD, very particular about his clothes and everything. Thank you, Glee fandom. Thank you, Tumblr. This is so long and I apologize for that! Good luck! When I watched it earlier in the day, absolutely everything around me was silenced while I watched. We see already that Kurt is numbing himself to this pain I know that while watching, I felt a huge sense of pain, moreso later in the episode.

I applaud Rachel for trying so hard to balance all of these things. What a fucking Superwoman. I bow to her. I wish there was a way for her to just take some kind of leave from school. April Rhodes and Shelby Corcoran are Facebook friends. Some 5x11 thoughts: art, performance, success, Glee. It may be for the best, I wandered off on a tangent: Anyway! Ask lvatt a question glee meta forgive my shitty screenshots glee klaine Anonymous natasha replies. Another Pezberry Post with some Brittana. Take your time. Okay, resurface.

Santana goes into defense mode. I might fuck up this metaphor but just go with it. At first, she is adamant about keeping the Firewall up. In the beginning, she keeps her Firewall up, Oh! Observation about Glee from chatting with wife. Because It's Valentines Day. Reactions to Puppet Master. Just a few thoughts… 1. Kurt is amazing, and the band is awesome. Glee meta 5. On Kurt, Blaine, Fashion and Nostalgia stultiloquentia. Is he flirting so hard he might break something? Basically, I've spent my summer devouring the fandom, and now that I'm a week away from season three, and therefore ready to talk about it.

Meta post is meta. Finn fights with Kurt, expecting to bring to light Kurt's stalkerish behavior. Finn : Finn, to me, is the most realistic character on the show. His reactions are real, his emotions are real, his problems and his dreams, they are very, very real. I find myself liking Finn and forgiving him for the crap he's done simply because I find him to be a realistic character. I live with a Finn.

If I were writing this show, Finn would be the narrarator. He's not even that good at music--he's never going to make it big, like I think Rachel and Kurt could. Like a science experiment, Finn is our closest thing to a control ND has. I don't care how many girls he juggles or how many absent-mindedly homophobic comments he accidentally makes, Finn chose to align himself with the losers with nothing to gain, and I respect the hell out of that. Rachel : For starters, I hated Rachel in the first season. Hated her. Hated her so much that I would skip through her numerous solos just because I didn't want to listen to her anymore.

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I didn't understand why the writers were spending so much time on this character who never seemed to learn anything or grow any from what she learned. Then season two happened. She started caring about other people--she was the only one who noticed Kurt. She gave up the final spot for Mercedes. She led ND to victory at Regionals. And I just wibbled, because Rachel Rachel Rachel, when did you grow up? When did you become someone I cared about? Mind you, she still has some growing up to do and she still needs to learn the basics of How to Be Someone's Friend "Who cares about you, buddy?

I want her and Kurt to be friends for life: I want her to bear Kurt's children and for them to chase each other in wheelchairs in their nursinghomes and attend bizarre Hummel-Hudson family gatherings forever and ever. When she later hints that an early gift would not be amiss, he surprises her with the donation of a sow in her name to needy Africans. Rachel is unhappy, reminds Finn that she is a vegan, and recommends that he sticks to her list to avoid embarrassment, while pointedly mentioning earrings.

Rory dedicates the song Blue Christmas to his family, whom he misses, as this is his first Christmas without them. Sam offers to take Rory home with him to show him a true American Christmas. The station manager agrees to Artie's concept—a black-and-white homage to both The Star Wars Holiday Special and The Judy Garland Christmas Special , to feature hosts Kurt and Blaine welcoming their friends for suave banter and happy, cheerful songs.

Rory will play Itchy the Elf and recite "Frosty the Snowman. But Artie only wants to present the "merry" part and will be rewriting Frosty to fit, so Sam decides not to participate. Although everyone are impressed, Artie isn't, who believes it's too depressing and unsuitable for the show which needs to have a happier feeling. Rachel performs Extraordinary Merry Christmas with Blaine, wanting to impress Artie so she can get a big part in the show.

When they finish Sue walks in believing that they are rehearsing for the homeless shelter performance, which they have all forgotten about. She feels disappointed in them and can't believe that they are going to walk away from people who have nothing. Quinn and Sam are at the homeless shelter with Sue, helping to serve the rapidly disappearing meal, when the New Directions arrive, late, with more food and presents.

He sets an assignment up to see what wedding song they can sing during the proposal. Finn is struggling as he wonders what he'll do about his future after the shocking discovery about his father. When Blaine happens to tell Sebastian this, the Glee Club is purely disappointed at how Blaine can betray them, for the Warblers are now planning to do Michael for Regionals. The two clubs fight, but when Blaine is slushied and injured, the rivalry between the two clubs turns serious.

Quinn is accepted into Yale and decides to leave her past behind. Absent: Jane Lynch , Jayma Mays. A student is questioning Will's ability to teach Spanish, and after Sue's ability to coach the cheerios is questioned, Coach Roz Washington steps in to try and steal her job.

Will goes to a Spanish night school lesson and meets David Martinez who speaks fluent Spanish and brings Mr. Martinez to Glee Club. Sam and Mercedes seek Emma 's guidance after they kissed, although Mercedes is dating Shane , and Emma advises them not to talk until the end of the week, only to speak through song. Eventually, to settle things, Santana challenges Will and David and encourages them to have a Spanish-off.

Absent: Darren Criss , Jenna Ushkowitz.

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She tells them that she rented Breadstix out for Valentine's Day and is making a party for the Glee Club and other people from the school. Sue seeks Quinn 's advice on her pregnancy, Karofsky faces bullying at his school after rumours about him being gay continues to spread, causing him to become suicidal, and Finn and Rachel decide to speed up their dream wedding. Artie and Quinn become close friends due to the incident. Along the way, Cooper also shows himself in Lima , eventually causing Blaine to be sick and tired of him.

Sue installs a plexi-glass, shatterproof dance floor, the real one used in Saturday Night Fever and the Glee Club has a dance-off. Kurt and Mercedes pretend to assist Unique , the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline , who Sue wants to manipulate, convincing him to present femininely at their Regionals. Finn, Mercedes, and Santana perform disco songs and reveal their dreams after the school year is complete, Rachel supporting Finn's dream that involves New York. He decides that Whitney Houston may be a good way to start to say goodbye as New Directions will be losing members soon due to graduation.

Blaine accuses Kurt of cheating with another guy he met at the music store who texts him and compliments him daily. Santana and Rachel grow closer after a Whitney duet and as Joe assists Quinn with her therapy, she seems to be making progress. Kurt decides to take a risk but when Rachel goes with her typical number, something unexpected happens, leaving Rachel's future hanging. New Direction Boys assist Puck as he struggles to pass a history class test, because if he doesn't, he won't be able to graduate.

Absent: Dianna Agron , Jayma Mays. It premiered on May 8, Brittany is told that she has accomplished nothing as Senior Class President and is advised to use Prom as her comeback. Quinn begins to gain her first steps after ending up in a wheelchair, but after Finn finds out, he is infuriated at the way she uses her disability to buys votes.

Quinn and Santana decide to make a difference as they count the Prom Queen and King votes together. The episode was directed by Eric Stoltz and written by Ryan Murphy. After her disastrous audition for the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts , Rachel believes that her dream of Broadway stardom is at an end. To cope, she decides to dazzle at prom and focus on what she has going on with Finn. She feels okay with it all until Becky steamrolls over her with her own ambitious plan: to be named prom queen.

Principal Figgins explains to Brittany that during her reign as senior class president she has accomplished nothing: she's made the post so inconsequential that he's considering abolishing it. He also points out that given her failing grades the title is the only thing that might get her into a college. After wasting her year exploiting her "fluid teen sexuality and getting caught up in Lord Tubbington's Ponzi schemes," Brittany vows to make her term relevant by delivering a prom theme to remember.

Brittany meets with the three-member prom committee for the first time, despite the fact that they formed months ago and have been routinely sending her memos. She immediately vetoes their prom theme suggestions, explaining that "Castles in Clouds" won't work because castles are too heavy and dangerous to be held aloft by clouds, while "Stairway to Heaven" is inappropriate because the disabled students wouldn't have escalator access.

Declaring that the committee is incompetent - or perhaps a terrorist cell - Brittany fires them all and announces her own prom theme: dinosaurs which she believes coexisted peacefully with cavemen for millions of years. As Rachel shares with Finn her plans for a perfect prom night with her fiance, Will tells the glee club that Figgins has asked New Directions to perform at prom once again. Then Brittany announces her choice of prom theme, prompting some skepticism from everyone but Santana. Brittany also details her impractical prehistoric menu and announces a ban on hair gel, along with her decree that Quinn and Santana will be tallying the prom court votes to keep each other honest.

When Rachel sees a poster touting the prom candidacies of Finn and Quinn, she angrily confronts him. Finn admits that Quinn asked him to lend her support and he agreed as a friend. Given that Quinn nearly died on her way to their aborted wedding, he didn't suspect that it would upset Rachel. But Rachel is angry at the thought that on her big prom night Finn may be dancing with Quinn - even though Quinn, confined to her wheelchair, may not actually be able to dance. However, Quinn is making progress in her physical therapy with constant help from Joe , and she is able to take a few steps before tumbling to the mat.