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Each book in this magnificent set illuminates - through a representative sampling of masterworks - those themes, styles, and currents that give shape and direction to each musical age. The five titles cover Western music from its earliest days to the sixteenth century, the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the nineteenth century, the early twentieth century, and the late twentieth century.

Taking a critical perspective, Taruskin sets the details of music, the chronological sweep of figures, works, and musical ideas, within the larger context of world affairs and cultural history. He combines an emphasis on structure and form with a discussion of relevant theoretical concepts in each age, to illustrate how the music itself works, and how contemporaries heard and understood it.

He also describes how the context of each stylistic period - key cultural, historical, social, economic, and scientific events - influenced and directed compositional choices. Moreover, the five books are filled with helpful illustrations that enhance the historical context of musical composition, as well as musical examples, black-and-white pictures throughout, and suggestions for further reading. Laced with brilliant observations, memorable musical analysis, and a panoramic sense of the interactions between history, culture, politics, art, literature, religion, and music, these books will be essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand this rich and diverse tradition.

Paganini and Liszt. Schumann and Berlioz. The 20 Crucial Compositions of Anton Bruckner. Alonso Delarte. Modern Music and After. Paul Griffiths. The Mostly Mozart Guide to Mozart.

Cosmopolitanism and Music in the Nineteenth Century - Oxford Handbooks

Carl Vigeland. Allan Kozinn. Brahms and His World. Walter Frisch. Chamber Music. Mark A Radice. A Student's Guide to Music History. What Makes It Great? Rob Kapilow.

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Julian Rushton. Choral Masterworks. Michael Steinberg. The End of Early Music. Bruce Haynes. Richard Wagner and His World. Thomas S.

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Music at the Limits. Edward Said. The Study of Fugue.

Music from the Earliest Notations to the Sixteenth Century The Oxford History of Western Music

Alfred Mann. Opera's Second Death. Slavoj Zizek. Freedom and the Arts. Franz Liszt and His World. Christopher H. The meaning of music. Dominy Clemetns.

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Jan Marisse Huizing. Jean Sibelius and His World.

Resources for Oxford History of Western Music, College Edition 2e

Daniel M. Nicolas Slonimsky.

  • When Saint Goes Marching In.
  • About the Book.
  • Interpreting the Musical Past: Early Music in Nineteenth Century France.
  • Alban Berg and His World. Christopher Hailey. From Petipa to Balanchine. Tim Scholl. The Cambridge Companion to Shostakovich. Pauline Fairclough. The Cambridge Companion to Brahms. Michael Musgrave. The Cambridge Companion to Chopin. Jim Samson. Harriette Brower. Bach's Works for Solo Violin.

    Taruskin/Gibbs, Oxford History of Western Music, College Edition 2e

    Joel Lester. The New Bruckner. Dermot Gault. What Are You Doing Here? Laina Dawes. Fairport Convention and Electric Folk. Rob Young. Five Centuries of Keyboard Music. John Gillespie. Understanding Music. Sir Roger Scruton. Cuba and Its Music. Ned Sublette. Young Neil. Sharry Wilson. The Cambridge Companion to the Symphony. Julian Horton. Nirvana's In Utero. Gillian G. The Cambridge Companion to Richard Strauss. Charles Youmans. The Cambridge Companion to Liszt. Kenneth Hamilton. Claude Ranger. Mark Miller. Jace Clayton. Bruckner - Mahler - Schoenberg. Dika Newlin. Three Questions for Sixty-Five Composers.

    Joe Bonomo. Amanda Bayley. The Cambridge Companion to the String Quartet. Robin Stowell. The Sound of Broadway Music. Steven Suskin. Thomas Gardner. A Short History of Opera. Donald Grout.