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As with many students of the time, Snyder also was impacted by former staff member Lamont Kinney. In , Snyder graduated with an associate in applied science degree in human services. She returned to Mitchell two years later to obtain an associate in arts degree, and she graduated again in She currently works at Daymark Recovery Services, a facility-based crisis center in Statesville, as an administrative assistant.

Guriya's Story, A CHD Patient With Down syndrome

Snyder was first hired at Daymark while still a Mitchell student and has worked for them in several capacities over the past seven years. She truly enjoys her job and knows the significance of her position. I need to make sure that I am kind and give them as much information as possible so that they can get the help they need. The core values Snyder was taught at Mitchell have been instrumental in her career success.

Even on the hardest days, she strives to be devoted and caring. She may even continue on to her Doctorate. Snyder plans to continue her work at Daymark and pursue being a health educator. Snyder already does this in part by mentoring Mitchell students in the human services program.

Taking Tamar: A Down Syndrome Success Story

She serves as the contact person for Mitchell students at her agency. She has also returned to campus as a guest speaker. Watching Snyder pursue her educational dreams has greatly influenced her own children. Diminutive as she may be, Tamar is respected as a feisty young lady with a mind of her own. Chaim loves people, he loves dressing up for shul and going out. To see this couple under the chupah , he in a kapota and black hat, just like his brothers before him, and she in her beautiful wedding gown looking as radiant as any bride, brought beaming smiles and torrents of tears to the large crowd of guests.

We all pray that their relationship will blossom. With the love and support from their families, friends and counselors, this special couple will build a beautiful life for themselves filled with personal happiness to the nachas of all their loved ones. What incredibly loving, supportive, and wise parents Chaim is blessed to have. Of course, they too, have their moments.

#DSWORKS® Success Stories

But to have nurtured Chaim to this point in his life speaks volumes of their deep love, unswerving commitment and resolute tenacity. It was their own personal experience that inspired them to establish a fund to assist parents with Jewish special education tuition fees. Their main fundraiser is an annual concert in Brooklyn which is the musical and social highlight of the year for their Crown Heights community.

Each is unique in his own way, and there is a beautiful camaraderie between them. Chaim can sometimes act difficult and inappropriately, but he is often wise and witty. He can be cheeky, but also sweet and caring.

Tamar was in the pediatric intensive care unit, which one can’t enter without permission.

I need to calm her down. Actually, come to think of it, I guess Chaim is just like all of us. I learned that people with cognitive disabilities are really the same as the rest of us. We all have our gifts and talents, our faults and foibles. We all have our skills and expertise, our eccentricities and idiosyncrasies. We should all say baruch Hashem , and regret whenever we complained or we grumbled. Because when we look at our chatan and kallah , we can only be humbled. Precious couple and lovely story! Mazel tov!

Dear Anonymous, I don't think that it was suggested that only a disabled person can make another disabled person happy. This is a wonderful romance that was orchestrated by G-d. Hashem will watch over these wonderful people. We wish then tremendous happiness and health. I am very happy this couple found each other but I hope that you are not suggesting that just because someone has a disability that their only "heavenly" match is another disabled person.

This is so beautiful and inspiring! I wish Chaim and Tamar much happiness! May G-d bless this marriage. What a lovely story. My cousin and her husband both have mental disabled too, and they have lived a very happy life for over 25 years now. They have one son that has no disabilities and is the parent of a beautiful son with no disabilities either. They are, without doubt, the most loving couple I have ever known.

They were entirely committed to each other and her son is a loving, and kind young man, that loves his mother and father and his own family, as much as his mother and father loved him. Our G-d is indeed a loving G-d, and the King of Awe. Dear Sheila, How lovely to hear about your cousin and husband. I'm so happy to hear about these success stories. I am a retired Banker and worked with severely mentally challenged adults as a volunteer. I always felt that if given a chance some of them may have had an opportunity to find happiness only if they were given a chance.

I wish your cousin and her husband many years of happiness and health. May G-d bless both of them and their two wonderful children. Shana Tova! I'm conflicted about this honestly. I'm completely uncertain as to whether this is even OK per Halacha my secular understanding anyway. Jonathan Reply.

DSWORKS Initiative Success Stories | National Down Syndrome Society

Wonderful Mazels to all xx Reply. We should avoid labels, as, these, are hurtful. Telling about Jewish people, or those who are not, in a derogatory fashion, does, in fact cause them, and others of us, who feel comiseration, pain. A great amount of pain.

I do not believe in the current fashionable custom, of, simultaneously, hurting with insulting, demeaning, epithets, and praising the accomplishments of those, so insulted. Also, it seems, you intruded on the private lives of Jews.

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Wonderful story. When 2 such deserving persons find their beshert it is a beautiful blessing. Abby Hyman Reply. I have known Tamar for many years, as I was the psychologist at a program for Special Children and Tamar was "one of my girls". I believe we had a wonderful relationship as our eyes would light up when we saw each other and a hug almost always ensued. I found out about Tamar's marriage when I ran into her mother the other day. I became overjoyed when hearing the wonderful news and immediately "googled" the event to see pictures.

With those photos my pleasure increased. Chaim not only appears a wonderful young man, but reminded me so much of a rabbi I know, also a Lubavitcher, and for whom I have much admiration. And, of course, Tamar looked beautiful and as shining as any bride I've ever seen. But the most wonderful and gratifying sight of all was seeing how Tamar and Chaim beamed at each other with love and the joy of starting their life together.

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