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It is considered one of the best retellings of Arthurian legend, heavily inspired by Le Morte Darthur. It was originally published as separate books from to and collected in one volume in The version contains:. The first three parts were published separately first, and revised to a greater or lesser extent for the collected edition.

Arthur Pendragon ǁ The Once and Future King

The biggest change was probably to the second part, which was substantially altered and given a new title, the original version had been entitled The Witch in the Wood. Another notable change was the omission of the witch, Madam Mim and her wizard duel with Merlyn from "The Sword in the Stone" which can still be found in the original version still in print and the Disney film.

White also worked on a fifth part set before Arthur's final battle, in which he was taught more lessons by Merlyn. Parts of it were incorporated into the collected edition's version of The Sword in the Stone.

The Once and Future King: Nostalgia for Feudalism, Contempt for Modernism

In , after White's death, it was published separately as The Book of Merlyn. Some recent editions include it in the main volume as Book 5, with an editorial note to explain the material White reused for the original publication of the one-volume edition. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. And it's not just a straight-up re-telling of Malory —the earliest English writer to compile Arthur's story into a cohesive prose not in verse story.

Three Adults Discuss THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING Seriously and At Length - The Toast

Basically, everything we popularly know about King Arthur and his knights comes from Malory. But although White tips his hat to our man Mal, he doesn't parrot him.


The Once and Future King is Malory put through a blender, with old familiar characters hey, Lancelot! This quartet of books is also, by turns, a comic Y. It's almost like White's giving us a twisted modern view of the medieval, or a twisted medieval view of 20th-century western culture. So twisted. It's also a deep meditation on fate vs. This is embodied in Merlyn: the OG of wizards is prophetic because he lives backwards. This basically means Merlyn starts out as an old man in the future, and gets younger as he lives his life in reverse.

It is as complicated as it sounds… and way cooler than Benjamin Button. It also means that Merlyn is powerless to help Arthur avoid his pretty tumultuous fate. But don't think that this book is stuffy just because it gets philosophical. While White's entire magnum opus hasn't been made into a film, the first part, The Sword in the Stone , was adapted into a Disney movie in And you don't get the Disney treatment if you're all work and no play. Do you see a Disney version of Proust out there? Nope, didn't think so.

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We're going to run through a few of the many reasons you should care about The Once and Future King. When they all go back to the stone, however, Kay admits his falsehood and, with his father, falls prostrate before the Wart, hailing him as King. The Wart, confused and embarrassed, bursts into tears. Eventually, the Wart overcomes his awkwardness with his new title and is given a great party for his coronation. All of the characters offer him gifts. Merlyn reappears and tells the Wart that his real father was Uther Pendragon.

He further informs the Wart that, in the future, it will be his "glorious doom" to "take up the burden" of his nobility. After promising to stay with the Wart for a long time, Merlyn addresses him as King Arthur. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks?

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Sign In. The Once and Future King T. Pop Quiz! How does the Wart, now King Arthur, describe war that infuriates Merlyn? Start Quiz. Adam Bede has been added to your Reading List!