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A common mistake in multi-level marketing is to focus too much on the success of your own businesses. The beauty in the multi-level system is that you can rapidly build profits by expanding your network. Spending time and energy in cultivating your recruits will pay off down the road with exponential increases in profit. You must invest in the growth of your team members by providing a support system that will ensure their success and subsequently, your profits. Take time to learn new skills, research new opportunities, and develop existing interests. Your network marketing success starts with you , and the best investment that you can make is in yourself.

Consider taking part in a short course on marketing or investing. Read biographies of great entrepreneurs and reflect on what made them successful. Business, like life, is a never-ending opportunity for learning and development. Take advantage of all the information and expertise surrounding you and never get complacent with your success.

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Leave them in the comments below. Network Marketing Secrets a free book just pay shipping that will teach you how to use sales funnel to grow your network marketing business. Power Coaching if you have a product, service or business, personally work with me and I will help you automate and leverage the internet so you can live the life that you truly want. I will help you take your business to the next level with personalised coaching sessions.

Please only complete the application form if you are serious about utilising my coaching. Click here to complete the application form. This is what I use to build my email list and send my newsletter to my subscribers to form the relationship. It is one of the biggest tools you will need in your business. LeadPages is a marketing tool that I use to generate leads into my business effortlessly. With LeadPages I create dedicated websites that attract my ideal audience by giving away something of a high perceived value that encourages them to take action.

I have just joined an MLM and I was having buyers remorse. However, reading your blog has put things in perspective and confirms that I need to embrace the internet and the opportunity that it brings. Hey Rob, oh no. Look at it as an opportunity for open doors. When I started network marketing I began to understand how to sell a product and then found other opportunities which lead me to where I am now. So I am always grateful for having found network marketing and getting started because I would not have been where I am now.

I hope that my blog is helpful and that you can learn something. Great post, Dawn. I love your blog. My favorite tip on this list is to have the right mindset. Also, you need to have clear goals and a solid game-plan. This game-plan should cover your marketing strategy, target market and daily mode of operations. Finally, you must make a minimum two-year commitment. Thank you for sharing your awesome tips Chuck. I definitely agree with the game plan. Always have a marketing plan and stick to it.

Consistency is key. Thanks for stopping by. My post 10 Network Marketing Tips gives you the tips that you need to get started. It also has some helpful posts on my blog on what to do and how to promote the product. All the best. Hi Dawn-Marie, these are nice and comprehensive insights! Hi Julie thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it very much. I took a look at your YT video.

Great knowledge. Great article. I see you are using Leadpages.

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I have been thinking about getting Clickfunnels. But I kinda think they all are liking it a bit to much. Have you tested it? Would you rather recommend Leadpages? But yes it is very useful for automation. You should def check it out. If you want simple sales funnels then use LP.

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Pin Share Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Rob Knight. You have to sell yourself on the idea that you can become successful and wealthy through sales! Attitude is everything! And where does attitude come from? Pause for a moment and think about the goals that you have set for yourself.

The truth is, sales is about helping people. If you are addressing the right audience, selling is easy. Your self-talk is incredibly powerful and it actually dictates the level of success you can achieve. It may or may not be the same as the amount of money you are actually capable of earning… just what you believe is possible for you. If your income ceiling or feelings of worthiness are too low, you will subconsciously sabotage yourself by not taking opportunities, avoiding talking to people and quitting at the first sign of difficulty.

Speak, behave, dress, and communicate as though you are already successful and wealthy! You can become more confident when you take the focus off yourself, and put it on service. When you help others, they will help you. Your confidence shows! Failure is not a real thing, except in your mind. Quitting happens, challenges happen, obstacles happen, changes of direction happen IF you are learning from what you did.

Then the situation becomes a valuable teacher and stepping stone to success! Only you can choose whether you are becoming stronger and wiser because of what happened, or if you have failed. Learn from people who have succeeded and duplicate what they do. Customers and prospective partners have choices. What makes you unique? I highly recommend putting all of your focus on value. The more you can give, the more you will receive. Also, be you.

People prefer to buy from people, not from anonymous companies.

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Write down every single objection you have heard or can think of, and come up with at least two service- and value-driven solutions that you can present to your prospect. Also: Mentally rehearse presenting these alternative solutions to your prospect. Learn to anticipate objections and eliminate them before they arise. Honestly, more success will come to you when people pick up on your passion and happiness. When they see that you love what you are doing, that you are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to help others and your quality of life puts a smile on your face… they will want some of that for themselves!

How frustrating for everyone! When you are selling to people who are interested, you never need to feel awkward or uncomfortable… you never need to use obnoxious high-pressure sales tactics. In fact, you never need to do anything but have a pleasant conversation! You have a great solution, but make sure you are helping those who have a problem that fits your solution. But, your solution matters very much to a select few, and those are the ones you want to target.

Before you present your product, service or business opportunity, know your ideal buyer. Talking to strangers is one of the more intimidating elements of sales, especially if you are new to it. How do you approach people? Are you a confident, fun and loud extrovert who loves meeting new people and thrives on connecting? Are you a quiet, reserved and even shy introvert who prefers to be approached? Are you a little of both?

Top Secrets for Getting Started in MLM and Networking Marketing Sales

They are! This is a skill you can develop. The person trying to recruit you is a boisterous extrovert who is overly friendly and gushes on and on about how great the opportunity is, why you will love this business, and why you need to get on board right now. You feel pressured, and so you try to exit the conversation as quickly as possible.