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Yes the Klan Loved that.

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Oh my, the Klan would Really Hate that. Or how about investing in high tiered attorneys with full investigative staffs to work specifically on Black juvenile and adult criminal cases? The Klan… Yeah, you already know… The larger truth is though, that the white Collective, outside of the Klan, would hate it too.

SEE how the Klan represents their interest? Guess whose children have disproportionately been filling up that mini-supermax for juveniles in downtown Dayton? Interesting THAT. This is a clear lack of political imagination which must be seen as a purposeful under-utilization of his political agency which ONLY serves the interest s of the Klan. The Klan applauds. Hopefully the decimation of Black wealth and education means something to Black people. The Klan definitely applauded.

Black society has suffered ever since. Yes of course, the Klan applauded. Such gains were Totally eviscerated in the first year of the bush Jr. Though be aware. That nearby village of Yellow Springs has race neutralized generations. This has not made the area a better place with regards to white Domination desire to use even OUR children to fight against US.

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This is a lesson for The Village [Yellow Springs]. Therefore helping to fashion a modern white Domination [Racist] Fascist State there. The Democratic party had no problem with this either. Of Course. To provide a proper context of the U. Here we go. So what does U. But I winced first. I winced hard. It sent a mild shock through my body. Kendi, and White Rage by Carol Anderson. Both books provide detailed accounts of the horrific violence levied against blacks beginning almost immediately after the end of the Civil War.

She put out the word that if she found out who the murderers were, she would have arrest warrants sworn out against them. They soon came for her. They dragged her out of her house, into some nearby woods. There, they hung her up from a tree by her feet and built a huge fire under her. She was eight months pregnant. The baby let out two screams. There are similar stories throughout both books.

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My skin was being peeled back. I could barely sleep. Whatever comfort zone I had left for issues involving racism and white supremacy was being destroyed. Most of the other stories were not so graphic but they related dozens of accounts of white supremacist terrorism. When black people acquired land, the KKK and those akin to their bigotry and tactics burned and shot up their homes, driving them out and stealing their land.

They used the same tactics to intimidate black people who dared to register to vote. This was going on all over the country. Black people were being systematically deprived, maligned, underemployed, undereducated and murdered. The KKK played a major role in the systematic dehumanization of black life. Even with all of this in my mind, for a short while I thought, as did some of my friends, that we should ignore them, and they will go away. But they will not. We are not that far removed from Charlottesville, where brash and brazen tiki torch carrying white men walked the streets chanting Nazi slogans, attacking counter protesters and even killing one.

On April 24 I attended forum that I thought was to be on racism and policing at the main branch of the Dayton Metro Library. It turned out to be a panel of law officers, including two U. I discovered that their sole purpose was to discourage community members from attending the KKK rally. My mind went back to February, when a group of us from the local Black Lives Matter group went to see the U. I was not among the four people who talked to the U. He said that would deter people from calling At the forum, I admit that my mind was tainted against these people who represent institutions riddled with racism.

They had assistants pass out blank cards for attendees to write out questions to be answered after all the panel members gave brief introductions. I saw the moderator frown when he came to my question. He sputtered, then announced that he was only going to respond to questions that dealt directly with concerns about the upcoming rally. Then he asked me if I planned on attending. When I told him I would most likely be there he looked at me with disgust, turned and walked away, a tactic often used in Yellow Springs over the years by people who believe talking about racism makes it worse.

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Actually, the opposite is true. I can understand their reasoning to a point. It would make their jobs a lot easier. In my opinion, there are at least two nearby towns that would welcome a KKK rally. If the upcoming one in Dayton goes unchallenged, next year, look for a KKK rally near you. Why did I go to jail? The color of my skin, you assume by the way I dress I deal dope? You tried to take my family away from me, you tried to take my life away, Why? If it was the other way around my skin lighter it would be a different story.

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We always see the police parked by our house, why would you want to mess with us? Why does one black male make you nervous? Why was the police force like that? Why did you have to have guns in my face, drag me out of my car, bring my daughter outside, my wife crying, my dogs outside? A Black King that was providing for his family, working! My Queen had 2 job, we were making it, surviving, my bills paid!! NOW, we are struggling!! It was a resoundingly popular, financial and individual career boosting success. This once a year venue allowed notables to be seen while addressing serious and important issues befalling Black society domestically and concerns internationally.

Regular old-media platforms offered little of this perspective in regular programming.

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In Mr. Fashioned from its members and the Black public a Black Agenda was developed that would be presented to the rising Democratic and Republican presidential candidates for consideration during the fast approaching election. This was considered very important because this would help to determine the next course Black America needed to take as a result of the disastrous [for America and especially for Black America] bush Jr.

It was touted as being a decisive look at the state of Black America with precise remedies to OUR concerns that needed to be taken seriously by the next president of the United States. Smiley and a host of others stated at the time. This approach was seen as a pivotal milestone for Black America to determine which candidate and political party would get OUR votes in the coming and future elections. Yet sadly this serious plan to reawaken Black politics while holding the establishment accountable to OUR needs never happened.

Because Barack Hussein Obama happened. At least politically. Something other than a critical demographic that Identity Politics would allow him to use. After the Washington balls and Black strutting started slowing down, Mr. Despite this he and Dr. Obama openly. It was after Obama responded rather dismissively to a direct question regarding the needs of Black Society and what were his plans on dealing with them, did Mr. Smiley and Dr.

West more forcefully begin to express concerns. Dismissing the needs and interests even of Black children the old-media Black Democratic Gate-Keeper class excoriated them. For them it was rather light lifting because the general Black public directly or benignly supported this effort. With their lives and those of their families threatened Mr. West became an Anathema of Black American politics.

As though it had never even existed. Except for their Anti-Poverty Tour and periodic coverage in the media, which mainly showcased how they should be ignored, Mr. After a year into the Obama presidency Mr. According to Mr. Others on the panel would take the president to task for not prosecuting Bush-era war criminals, for continuing torture, assassination, kidnappings and secret prisons.

More on that later. Chief among them were Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore. Carnell who is a Howard Univ. This would be achieved by relying upon recent or updated research and investigations into Americas Black plight. Like incorporating the works of Black businessmen like Byron Allen or the academic works of Prof.

While using this approach instead of opinion based perspectives to force a renewed Black polity and legal claims on the domestic and eventual international political stage. Easily seeing that the Age of Obama left Black America more deeply wrecked than the previous bush Jr. Making the faces of recent Black and white Democratic candidates cringe. Which was the almost 3 years ago stated goal of Moore and Carnell. It was just a few months ago that Mr. Moore and Ms. Now there is A LOT of basis for this which will be explored in a follow up report.

It has been primarily through their efforts, the support of their subscribers and other new Black media co-patriots, that has created this history making set of events. Instead of them coming with a critical analysis of how these upstarts could do an even better job of advocacy for Black American Descendants of Slavery. In an attempt to resurrect his old-media career and continue his Democratic ties, Mr. Martin has tried to establish a presence on new media platforms in hopes of maintaining what relevance he may have to the old media and those big old-media checks.

Along with hope of Democratic presidential Access. They should. Forget that the Electoral College was set up to make it easier for the wealthy to maintain their hold on power. Forget that Hillary Clinton only attracted large crowds when celebrities joined her at her events.

So the propaganda has been used to gen-up more wealth transfers to the banking and war [white] elite class. By definition this means herding what remains of the political Left [after the Age of Obama] into conservative behavior compliance. Old Senator McCarthy would feel at home just about now.

Absolutely shameful. Yes, T-Bone. A wake-up call which benefits Black America. This time. So by the week of Feb. Martin, Ms. Reid, Ms. This is commonly done when oppressed groups are making noise the oppressor is unable to counteract. With Sheila Jackson Lee sponsoring old Mr. Yet potentially problematic in terms of the possibility of Black America being fooled [yet again] into having OUR issues watered-down, delayed or out-right ignored, again.

Given the recent act by Representative James Clyburn. Where Mr. Clyburn has been installed since , after a Supreme Court decision mandated that his mostly Black district finally get Black representation. Of course these efforts, from Mr. After the elections the Black electorate was becoming a bit nervous and unhinged with OUR lost wealth, OUR men being killed with impunity by police and white vigilantes with no redress, OUR women increasingly experiencing the 3rd world maladies during childbirth [deaths] and OUR children committing suicide in numbers never recorded before and still no Obama Policies to address these.

It was sadly becoming more and more obvious Obama had absolutely no intentions of doing anything for his most loyal constituency. Well on Fox business news February 26th, guess whose defending the legitimacy of reparations? Utilizing the perspective of Martin Luther King Jr. Last night March 4th, Yvette Carnell announced that Mr. One among the attendees at this Selma meeting was a gentleman who wrote a book on Reparations, Ray Winbush Ph.

She knows this because she claimed that several of those called to attend the Selma meeting, then called her. They were told this meeting was being organised in order to undermine the ADOS movement. King and the Movement was accused of being in league with Russia. A Grassroots movement that took years to develop and years more to influence and shape policies that made Black America better.

Instead of supporting Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell. Instead of critiquing them in order to improve them. Or is this just Crabs in a barrel? The names and faces of the same iconic Black figures that are paraded before us each February are as predictable as Puxatony Phil and his Groundhog Day ritual.

If the annual Black History fare is taken as a representation of the African American contribution to civilization we would be an insignificant footnote. However, this paltry array of tributes to one very limited aspect of Black life in America, hardly scratches the surface. The African American impact on this nation from the day we arrived in shackles and chains has been the very fabric of American success. We are imitated and duplicated by every other ethnic group in the country as well as those abroad. The names and faces of some of the greatest African American scholars, scientist, educators, and social architects have been omitted, deleted, and conveniently left out of textbooks and corporate halls.

We are still being exploited for our labor and our genius. Jawanza Kunjufu, noted scholar, activist, social justice advocate, author and publisher, has written more than sixty five books, including his bestseller, Countering The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys. In a time of an economic, educational and criminal justice crisis, devastating our communities and putting our male children at risk, the name of Dr. Kunjufu certainly warrants recognition.

Frances Cress Welsing, an American Afrocentrist psychiatrist, profoundly affected our understanding of racism as a social construct. She maintained that racism stemmed from the fear of genetic annihilation of whiteness through intermarriage with people of color, hence the fierce desire for segregation and apartheid. Nathan Hare, American sociologist, activist, academic, and psychologist was the first person hired to coordinate a Black studies program at the University level in the United States which he set up at San Francisco State.

In an era of rampant police brutality and massive incarceration, those individuals who exemplify the depth of the depravity of the criminal justice system, such as the martyrs who died in racist prisons and jails deserve to be honored and their stories deserve to be told. He was sentenced to one year to life for stealing a bicycle. His political activities while incarcerated in prison in California led to him and two other inmates being framed for the murder of a guard. His seventeen year old brother Jonathan entered a Marin County Courthouse on August 7, taking the judge and jury hostage and demanding the release of the Soledad Brothers; Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo, and John Cluchette.

Jonathan was killed by police, along with the hostages. At his funeral Huey P. A year later George Jackson was murdered in his cell by prison guards who claimed he hid a gun in his afro and attacked them. In other arenas of the African American experience we honor those who stood in the trenches, took the hits and kept the faith; people like Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Visual artists brought a uniquely African American perspective to their craft. Johnson elevated their individual and collective expression. Lastly, we shall never be fully free of the discrimination, racism and deliberate suppression of our authorship and ownership of so many creations, discoveries, inventions and contributions that will remain unknown because they were stolen and claimed by others.

We salute the tenacious strength and the persevering spirit of those who went to their grave never having reaped the benefits of their contribution to America. One name we can identify and honor is Henrietta Lacks an African American woman whose cancer cells are the source of the HeLa a cell line, the first immortalized cell line and one of the most important cell lines in medical research. Her cells were taken without her knowledge or the knowledge of her family. Medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies have made billions off of the discoveries made from her cell line and her family got nothing.

The breath, depth and scope of African American history is so very rich and all encompassing, there is no way the whole story can be told in one sitting. Blog at WordPress. October 1, 0. Three recognizable contradictions in this so called masterpiece of humanity are: 1. Jefferson refused to condemn slavery in the colonies 2. Jefferson also on occasion, mortgaged human beings, borrowing against his property. So what shall we say about the Fourth of July?

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I say, just another day in Amerikkka! May 29, 1. Mental health stories from an African-American lens. My in-progress book, Depressed While Black, explores race, religion, and romance all while popping Prozac and navigating therapy. De-stigmitize depression with these conversation starters. What keeps some black women from seeking mental health care — and how therapists are working to change that.

Read Excerpt. Read more about the Depressed While Black experience. When medication is essential to mental health: CBD Stigma. Kid Cudi and Depression. Commentary: Sammus' hip-hop song about depression and suicidal thoughts that made me cry.


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